ICoS pendant prototypes

I may or may not have mentioned that I make jewelry in my spare time (well, what spare time I actually have). Lately I’ve been experimenting with pendant styles, and my latest experiments are picture frame pendants.

I came up with a couple of pendant prototype styles for some ICoS pendants. These can be put on necklaces or keychains (though for keychains I’d use resin instead of the clear adhesive covers for durability).

Here are the prototype designs. What do you think?

Book review: The Right Path

The Right Path cover

The Right Path by Debra L. Martin and David W. Small

Available now from Amazon

Review copy provided by the author

Amazon blurb:

YA post-apocalyptic tale

Fifteen-year-old Abraham “Ham” Jones, a cripple, and Zia Slate, a fourteen-year-old tomboy with an attitude, find themselves unlikely partners in this post-apocalyptic tale of survival. It is decades later since the world blew itself apart. Life is harsh, gangs rule the streets, the system cops keep the peace anyway they can. Being a kid in this world isn’t easy, being a cripple is about the worst sentence handed down. Being a girl with no protection is only slightly better.

Ham and Zia’s lives are irrevocably changed when they meet a mysterious old man bearing gifts – a cane for Ham and a knife for Zia. But, nothing is as it seems. Everyone wants something and no good deed goes unpunished. Forced into a desperate encounter, they must fight for their lives when it’s discovered they now have possession of two of the legendary memory weapons, the very weapons that ultimately destroyed the world.

THE RIGHT PATH is ~13,500 words (54 pages).

Also available in the Dark Future series 3-pack, THE PATH. Read all 3 stories, Path to Destruction, The Right Path and Zia’s Path, with a simple 1-click.

Okay, so, this was the other book that the author had given me that ended up buried under a giant to-do list after I returned to Canada.

But! I’ve read it now. So I can review it, heh.

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This is the New Plan contest on ICoS

Over on ICoS we’re running a contest for a copy of This is the New Plan by John Xero. I reviewed This is the New Plan (link here), and the author was generous enough to provide a copy of the book to one lucky winner.

To win a copy of the book, head over to the contest post (link here) and post your entry! The contest is open until 11:59 PM Wednesday, August 29 (Eastern time). Voting will occur on Thursday, so make sure you get your entry in soon!

If you want to read my entry, click here. I’m not actually entering the contest, but I wanted to write a story featuring those ten words anyway. (And besides, Jamie’s story was looking a little lonely.)

You don’t want lonely stories, do you? I thought not. So head on over there and post your entry before the contest ends!