Winter, it is a-comin’

When I was in Texas, one of the things I didn’t miss about Canada was winter. I’d take the heat and humidity — even the bugs (well, to a point) — over freezing cold temperatures, icy roads, and shoveling snow. Seriously, snow? It gets old pretty fast. Unfortunately, it melts pretty damn slowly. And, you know, it’s cold.

And now I’m back in Canada. And it’s late September, which means…yep, you guessed it: winter’s coming. And it’s coming pretty fast.

Once again, we’ll be making sure there are winter emergency kits in our vehicles (which is actually a handy thing, if you look at it from an overall preparedness perspective). We’ll also be scraping ice off our windshields every morning and making sure the cars are plugged in overnight (on really cold days) to make sure they start the next day.

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Post-apocalyptic training: Taking classes

We all know that training is important when it comes to post-apocalyptic survival. After all, everybody talks about it. There are prepper and survival books, online groups, websites, blah blah blah. Basically, it’s just a good thing to be prepared. For, you know, the apocalypse.

As much as I like reading, there are just some things I like to learn (and do) in person. Or at least in an environment where someone can teach me how to do things properly. Because “proper” is a good thing, especially when learning how to use swords. And other sharp pointy objects. You know.

It’s a good thing there are actually classes I can take for apocalypse prep. (I know, right?)

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Running: a post-apocalyptic skill you’ll need

There’s all sorts of emphasis on hand to hand combat, how to shoot guns, sword fighting, how to aim for a zombie’s head, etc etc when thinking about post-apocalyptic defensive skills you’ll need.

That’s all well and good — and I’m not saying you won’t need those skills, because you will — but I’m more of an “AH RUN AWAY!” kind of girl. Seriously, when that fight or flight kicks in, my entire body screams “RUUUUNNNN!!!!!” like a little girl. It does not usually say, “Oh hells yeah, LET’S KICK SOME ASS!”

Well, unless someone’s threatening my kids. But then I go all Mama Bear on them and my body says something unintelligible. You know how it is. I’m sure you get that same reaction when someone threatens your kids, your dog, your Xbox, or your extra large latte at 7:00 in the morning.

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Horror Con: the aftermath

I’ve been tweeting a lot about Calgary Horror Con. I attended the Con this past weekend as part of the press — I covered the event for In Case of Survival. It was my first event with press credentials, and it was super fun. (Yes, I’m geeky like that.)

My first Horror Con post, about the presentations, went up on ICoS today. Head over there and take a look! (Post link is here.)

For fun, check out the little guy I bought at the Con. Notice he doesn’t sparkle…