Kung Fu Kids?

I may have already mentioned that my kids are currently obsessed with the Kung Fu Panda series. By “obsessed” I mean they watch one of the movies at least once a day–maybe more, depending on how much driving we do, since one of the movies plays in the van–and they pretend to be Po the Panda. All the time. To the point that they now even eat dumplings because “Panda likes dumplings.”

Aside: my kids are 2.5 and 4 years old. So this whole kung fu fixation isn’t alarming. Yet.

I suppose it wasn’t much of a surprise when my four year old announced that she wanted to learn kung fu not too long ago. I was all for it–I’m of the belief that knowing a martial art is good for you in the long run, especially if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to defend yourself. (This may come from the fact that my brother got his black belt in Tae Kwon Do when he was eleven. As in, eleven years old. He started when he was six, after he got tired of being bullied at school every day.)

Aside: when I say “kung fu,” I really mean “martial arts.”

I know the girls are a little young, but I also know of some kids who start martial arts training when they’re…really young. Also, they’re about to start dance classes this year, so it’s not like they don’t have other extracurriculars. I started looking for local kids classes and stuff…until Hubby kiboshed the idea, saying the kids were too young.

And then I had a sad. (So did the kids.)

Okay, so I see his point. They are a little young. And yeah, okay, they’d probably take their newfound kung fu knowledge and unleash it on unsuspecting people and inanimate objects. But it would also be good for them in a lot of other ways. Like the whole self-defense thing. We’re still working on Stranger Danger and Not Running Into The Street Or The Parking Lot, so who knows, kung fu might actually help with that. (Well, the stranger part; unless you’re Jackie Chan I’m pretty sure martial arts won’t work against cars.)

Also, because I’m Apocalypse Mama and I think about these things, kung fu would be AWESOME to know in a post-apocalyptic setting. I mean, you never know what kinds of bad guys and other nefarious villains you’ll encounter after the world goes to shit, right? So wouldn’t it be a good thing to be as fully equipped as possible? (And I’m most definitely not teaching my kids to shoot guns or any other projectile weapons, so kung fu is about all I’m willing to give them at this point in time.)

Also, I can dress them up as pandas and let them be Kung Fu Baby Pandas for Halloween. (See what I did there?)

Sadly, Hubby isn’t convinced that kung fu will help the kids against zombies and rabidly mutated zoo animals. (Maybe I’m just not presenting my argument well enough. Or something. Heh.) So right now they’ll have to defend themselves using plies and pirouettes (they’re about to start ballet). Which is not something I think will help them against zombies or rabidly mutated zoo animals.

On the other hand, Hubby did agree to revisit the whole martial arts training thing in a few years. After the kids start school. And, you know, have figured that doing a roundhouse kick on their kindergarten teachers is a Very Bad Thing.

Well, hopefully.


4 thoughts on “Kung Fu Kids?”

  1. Aww man. They’d love it. I started training my kids in my home dojo as soon as they could walk. My 1yo does kicks after watching us. Instead of constantly botty-kicking other kids on the playground, it’s actually made them more responsible and cautious. If you take out all the ‘martial’ and ‘violence’ aspects in the thinking, it’s a really awesome way to add a healthy physical portion to the day. Just make sure to buy them a punching bag instead of each other. Just don’t tell them it’s exercise and they’ll love it.

    1. Exactly! (Can you tell my husband all that?) My brother loved Take Kwon Do; it’s why he got his black belt so quickly. Maybe I should try to find a family class, so the girls and I can do the class together?

  2. Here’s a good argument for hubby-dear. Martial arts teach self-discipline. That might also help them resist the urge to run out in front of cars and dealing with strangers. It’s amazing what a little bit of self-discipline can do!

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