The one in which I get my ass kicked. Sort of.

So I’m trying — trying! — to get my articles about the Fight the Bite workshop written and up on ICoS. I want to get all the articles out there before people forget! Part 1 went up on Monday (link here), and Part 2 went up today (link here). I’m trying to get Part 3 up for Friday. Besides, it’s a workshop about the zombie apocalypse; what better time to get these posts up than on and around Halloween? Exactly.

Anyway. The Fight the Bite workshop is a zombie apocalypse survival workshop offered by The Forge Western Martial Arts. Well, okay, it’s a self-defense workshop. But what you learn in it can help save you in the event of a zombie apocalypse. So really, it’s just a good workshop to take.

I learned a lot of things during the classes (it’s a two-part workshop), but there’s too much stuff to go into here. This is why there are three different articles going up on In Case of Survival.

And I didn’t really get my ass kicked. But let’s just say that even a padded floor can hurt.

I hope to get caught up next week, and get back on track with my book reviews. Stay tuned!

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NaNoWriMo Madness

November is National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo). I last attempted this about three years ago, but never completed it because I thought it had been a good idea to do NaNo in my last month of pregnancy. (I know, not my most brilliant moment.)

This year, I’m attempting it again. Since I’m going to have a fairly busy November, there’s a good chance I won’t finish this year either, but that’s okay. Also, I figure NaNo will be the best way to get this story idea out of my head, since it’s not leaving me alone. It’s just demanding attention. So are the characters, who keep wanting to have adventures. HOW DARE THEY!


Anyway, who’s with me? If you’re doing NaNo, my username is ApocalypseMama. Feel free to find me!

Okay, I admit, I’m a wee bit excited.

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Playing catch up

So I have, unfortunately, fallen a bit behind with my blogging! I’ve got a few book reviews I need to write, other books to read, and a pile of other things I need to write (like my articles about the zombie apocalypse survival workshop I took).

I wasn’t feeling that great last weekend, so my plans to catch up fell by the wayside, as plans often do. (I may or may not have had too much wine Saturday night and may or may not have spent all day Sunday wondering when snow got so loud. I’ll never tell.) So now I’m still playing catch up.

Please bear with me as I unbury myself from the pile of virtual paper and get caught up on everything! In the meantime, head over to In Case of Survival to read the first post in my post series about Fight the Bite, the workshop from The Forge Western Martial Arts.

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Censoring myself

Hi all. Apologies for not posting on Monday. I’ve had a…weird few days and I haven’t really had the chance to sit down and write. (Also, on Monday I was off at the Fight the Bite zombie apocalypse survival/self defense class, where I was learning how to not get my ass kicked by the pet zombies. Watch for my posts on In Case of Survival about this.)

So as I mentioned in my posts last week, a nonprofit I work with lost support from a major (also nonprofit) group because the other nonprofit read my blog and was offended by it. Which is weird to me, because a) I write about the apocalypse in a rather tongue in cheek way; b) I write a lot about books in the science fiction/fantasy genres; and c) tongue in cheek, people, tongue in cheek.

Anyway. All that being said, I now find myself pausing every time I go to write something. Because what if somebody else finds it and is offended by it? I’ve already been asked to take down all mention of said nonprofits off my blog, and I’ve been asked to take down all mention of my blog on another group’s site.

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