Happy holidays!

I know, I know, I’m a little early (or late, depending on which holiday you celebrate). But I wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanzaa, blessed Yule, and happy apocalypse day before I forgot to.

And yes, before you comment, I did, in fact, say happy apocalypse day. Sure, it happens to be the same day as Yule, but I think it’s getting more attention (not all of it positive, lol). Of course, I don’t think the world will actually end on the 21st, but just in case it does, I don’t want to be remiss in wishing people a happy apocalypse day. You know.

So the world won’t end on the 21st. But with all the evil, horrifying, and generally terrible things happening in the world, perhaps humanity needs a reset button? What do you think: would the world be better off with an apocalypse to reset the game clock so humanity can start over?

Some days, I don’t know.

Okay, and on that maudlin thought, I’m taking off. Well, for the day.


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3 thoughts on “Happy holidays!”

  1. It’s an interesting concept; people would learn attributes about themselves through a post apocalyptic society, and as social barriers are broken down and law is re-established there’d be no room for cruelty or for generally bad eggs; they’d be met with swift justice. Maybe we could do with a reset button :)

    Happy holidays/apocalypse!


    1. Exactly! No idle hands and all that; people would be too busy figuring out what the hell to do because the world’s just gone to hell. Might help humanity finally start from scratch and quit repeating history. Of course, we could be the only people looking for the silver lining of an apocalypse, lol.

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