Book review: The Harvesting by Melanie Karsak

This review was originally posted on my other blog, Book on a Wire. I received permission from the author to post the review here as well.

The_Harvesting_Printed_Front_copy (Custom) (Custom)The Harvesting by Melanie Karsak

Genre: Science fiction/apocalyptic

Publisher: Melanie Karsak


It’s all fun and games until someone ends up undead.

Though Layla reluctantly returns home to rural Hamletville after a desperate call from her psychic grandmother, she could never have anticipated the horror of what Grandma Petrovich has foreseen. The residents of Hamletville will need Layla’s help if they are to survive the undead apocalypse that’s upon them. But that is not the only problem. With mankind silenced, it soon becomes apparent that we were never alone. As the beings living on the fringe seek to reclaim power, Layla must find a way to protect the ones she loves or all humanity may be lost.

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Book review: The Hallowed Ones by Laura Bickle

This review was originally published on my other blog, Book on a Wire. I have permission from the author to post the review here as well.

The Hallowed Ones CoverThe Hallowed Ones by Laura Bickle

Genre: Science fiction/apocalyptic

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Graphia


If your home was the last safe place on earth, would you let a stranger in? 

Katie is on the verge of her Rumspringa, the time in Amish life when teenagers are free to experience non-Amish culture before officially joining the church. But before Rumspringa arrives, Katie’s safe world starts to crumble. It begins with a fiery helicopter crash in the cornfields, followed by rumors of massive unrest and the disappearance of huge numbers of people all over the world. Something is out there…and it is making a killing. 

Unsure why they haven’t yet been attacked, the Amish Elders make a decree: no one goes outside their community, and no one is allowed in. But when Katie finds a gravely injured young man lying just outside the boundary of their land, she can’t leave him to die. She refuses to submit to the Elders’ rule and secretly brings the stranger into her community—but what else is she bringing in with him?

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The Forever Girl Character Tour: Paloma

Apocalypse Mama is the last stop in the Forever Girl Character Tour. Keep reading for Paloma’s giveaway! I totally want to win this one.

Welcome to the Forever Girl Character Tour. We’re celebrating The Forever Girl’s one year anniversary—that means it’s been one year since The Forever Girl was released! Copies are still available at the same low price of $2.99 for ebook and $10.95 for print. But fear not, this tour is not without some really cool prizes for you to win, whether you already own a copy of The Forever Girl or never plan to read it. Each stop on the tour will feature one of the main characters from the book, and you can easily enter to win some of their favorite things! For a full list of stops on this tour, visit the author’s blog at


Paloma is Sophia’s mentor, and someone who is secretly setting Sophia up to take a slightly different path than she had in mind. In the end, Sophia turns to Paloma for guidance, fearing that doing so may put her in danger but feeling as though she has no one else to turn to, not after experiencing such a devastating betrayal, and not when magic is likely the only way to solve her problems. Paloma becomes not only a mentor, but in the end, a great ally to Sophia and Charles.

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Science fiction movies teach science fictiony lessons

Recently, Hubby and I watched Dredd and Men in Black 3. (I know, I know, those movies were so last year. But hey, we have kids. We’re lucky if we can watch a movie that’s live action.) Because both of these movies are science fiction, I paid close attention because a) I love science fiction, b) they might teach me something useful for when we have flying cars and visiting aliens and shit, and c) I needed blog material (hey, at least I’m being honest, right? :P).

So what did I learn from these movies? Lots of things! (Sadly, they’re mostly useless.)

What I learned from Dredd:

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2013 resolutions

I don’t normally do resolutions. I mean, let’s face it; most people give up on those resolutions before the end of January. Only a small group of people actually accomplish what they resolve to do.

And trust me, I am not part of that small group of people. (I’m more likely to be in the small group of people who abandon their resolutions on January 2.) But every now and again I resolve to try to be more like normal people, and so I make resolutions and attempt to follow them.

Apparently, 2013 is one of those years. (Don’t worry, I’m sure this attempt at normal will only last until the end of January. Until then, bear with me.)

So what are my resolutions?

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