Looper: Time travel gives me a headache

Last weekend, Hubby and I watched Looper with my parents. (Not in theatres, obviously; we rented it from Redbox, because YAY REDBOX IS IN CANADA!!!!!) Ahem.

Anyway. I’ve wanted to see this movie for some time, because 1) Bruce Willis movie = explosions, 2) yay science fiction movie!, and 3) Joseph Gordon-Levitt (what? I used to watch him in 3rd Rock from the Sun).

After watching the movie, I learned five things:

  1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt still looks yummy (ahem)
  2. Bruce Willis is still full of kick-ass action hero…stuff (whatever it is they make action heroes drink for breakfast)
  3. At some point in the next thirty years Joseph Gordon-Levitt will turn into Bruce Willis
  4. Telekinesis!
  5. Time travel gives  me a headache

Let’s look at point #5 for a minute.  I don’t know about you, but trying to follow the logistics and paradoxes of time travel makes my head want to explode. That’s not to say I don’t like time travel, because I do (well, when it’s done well). But seriously, the “but if he steps on that blade of grass will dinosaurs not be invented?” stuff makes my head spin. (I was drawing air diagrams while watching Looper. I really should’ve drawn those diagrams on paper, but you know, hindsight and all that.)

Anyway. Despite that, I really enjoyed Looper. It’s more of a character-driven movie that anything else. Oh sure, there are still plenty of explosions and people getting shot, but for the most part the movie focused on the Joes — Old Joe (Bruce Willis) and Young Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt — and their struggles. Which can be partly summed up as, “He’s trying to kill himself, while he’s trying to keep himself from killing…himself.”

I know, right?

I thought Looper was really well done. The lead actors (Willis, Gordon-Levitt, and Emily Blunt, who adopted a Southern accent for the movie) did an incredible job. Also, the actor who played little boy who grows up to be the Rainmaker (aka the warlord killing all the loopers) is freaking amazing. This kid’s, what, eight years old maybe? And he’s already full of The Talent. Watch for this guy in the future. (No, really. I thought he did a great job.) AND. The ending surprised me (TOTALLY didn’t see that one coming).

Overall, I thought it was a great movie.

So, you know, if you want to go exercise (or confuse) your brain for an evening, maybe consider this movie. It might not be the greatest choice for a date movie out there, unless you’re a dorky nerd like me. In which case, it’s the best date movie.


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