So it’s been awhile…

I find that there aren’t enough hours in a day for all the things I want to accomplish. (Actually, this isn’t new. Having kids seems to have accelerated my day to the point that I wake up and five minutes later it’s bedtime again. I swear.)

Anyway. There hasn’t been a lot of new things going on. I signed up as an Usborne Books consultant (more on that later), and I’m back posting as regularly as possible at In Case of Survival (as regularly as I can when I’m focusing on book reviews). Which leads me to…

Book reviews! Yep, book reviews. I’m doing them again, but not here on the blog. I’ll be posting them at In Case of Survival, where they will get many more views. Which will be good for the book (mostly if it’s a good review though, heh). The only time I’ll post a review here is if the book is outside the SF or F genres, since those are what ICoS focuses on. (Aside: ICoS will be shifting focus to become a more general SF/F genre site.)

So, that’s basically it for now. Just wanted to post and say I haven’t hitched a ride to Mars. Yet, anyway. (That rock? That wasn’t me, throwing things at the rover. Honest.)

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2 thoughts on “So it’s been awhile…”

  1. I hear you about the kid and time thing …. I’m usually up at 5:30 to have a little bit of me time before baby wakes up and the next thing you know, it’s bedtime! The days are flying by too fast.
    What is this Usborne Books? I’m intrigued!

    1. Wow, if I could get up at 5:30, I might actually get things accomplished! (Haha, just kidding, no I wouldnt :-P) But seriously, the days go by so much faster now that I have kids in school…and now they go at warp speed with the addition of the baby! Lol.

      Usborne Books is a home party/direct sales business that focuses on children’s books (fiction and nonfiction). We have some of their nonfiction books and pre-k workbooks. Overall the girls like it. And I’m all for books and getting kids to read! :)

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