char avatar 5Some day, there will probably be an apocalypse. It might be because of a nuclear war or a giant asteroid slamming into the planet. Or it might be because the Mayan calendar causes the end of the world somehow (maybe by blowing up in a giant nuclear explosion or turning into a giant asteroid and slamming into the planet). Or, you know, it might be because my kids managed to create a hole in the space-time continuum and caused the universe to implode on itself. I can’t do much about a war or an asteroid (or a giant rock-calendar turning into an asteroid), but I’ll do what I can to keep my kids from getting inside CERN and breaking the universe. (No promises, though.)

You might be wondering if I’m the same Char who writes for In Case of Survival. You’d be right; I am. Don’t worry, I’m not going rogue. I’m still with ICoS.

My blog doesn’t really have a single topic focus. This is mostly because I’m interested in a lot of things and have the attention span of a goldfish. However, I do tend to focus on the apocalypse, motherhood/parenting, motherhood/parenting in the (as yet hypothetical) apocalypse, science fiction/fantasy books/movies/TV, geekery, and nerdiness. Usually with a healthy does of sarcasm. And possibly humor. I will, of course, lean more toward motherhood and parenting, but with a geeky bent and a humorous/sarcastic apocalyptic twist. Because this blog is called Apocalypse Mama. You know.

I have to warn you that blog posts may be infrequent. I no longer post on a specific schedule, though I do hope to post at least once or twice a week. This may not happen every week, but it is my goal. (Then again, taking over the world and being a ninja astronaut were goals too. And we all know how close I got to reaching those goals…)

Want to contact me? Head over to the Contact page for a list of ways to get in touch (hint: there’s more than one way).

Thanks for visiting! And don’t forget to head over to ICoS to read the latest in all things (post)apocalyptic.

Surviving the apocalypse in the geekiest, most haphazard way possible


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