Review Policy

Here is my book review policy. Please read this page in its entirety before sending any review requests. Thank you!

  1. Please check the Book Reviews page to see if I am currently accepting review requests.
  2. I do not accept requests from self-published authors. This is not to discriminate, but to save myself the headache in the event I write a negative review. I’ve had some unpleasant interactions with self-pubbed authors when I didn’t like their book in the past, and this policy is in place to try to prevent an overdose of headache medicine.
  3. The above policy does not apply if: 1) I know the self-published author (yes, Twitter counts); 2) I buy the self-published book myself; or 3) the book is part of a blog tour in which I’m participating.
  4. I will still accept requests from authors published by indie presses. Note that “indie” means independent, not self-published. Examples of independent publishers are Sourcebooks, Kensington, and Angry Robot Books. CreateSpace, Lulu, and Amazon Direct Publishing are not independent publishers.
  5. I will post negative reviews. I’m sorry if you don’t like that, but it’s only fair for readers to get all sorts of opinions — including negative ones.
  6. I do not — and will not — take down any reviews for any reason. Please don’t ask, because it just annoys me.
  7. At this time, I do not post reviews to Amazon, Goodreads, or any other similar site. However, I do hope to post my reviews on Goodreads at some point in the future.
  8. I do not automatically post reviews to In Case of Survival, as I have a separate review queue for ICoS. If you’ve requested a review from me and would like to have that review posted on ICoS, just ask. (No really, ask.)
  9. This should go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: All reviews are my opinion of your book. Not you as a person, but of your book. Yes, this includes your writing in that book. If I say the book is badly written and I think you need more writing practice, I’m not saying I think you’re an idiot for wanting to be an author and to give up your dream. I’m saying I think you need more writing practice.
  10. It may take a while for me to post your review. I do have a queue, after all, and it’s first come, first served.
  11. I may add to this review policy in the future.

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