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The alien Santa story

Last week, my daughters asked me to make up a story instead of reading them a book at bedtime. Just for something different, and because we’d just watched the Adam Sandler movie Bedtime Stories. Since I’d already been chasing plot bunnies around (I’m planning on submitting a story to a winter anthology), I agreed. So I wrangled a plot bunny and put a story together for them.

Of course, since it was me telling this tale, I told them a story about an alien who lands on Earth because he was running away from bad aliens and dresses up as Santa to blend in. (He landed on Earth sometime around Christmas. I mean, winter/seasonal anthology, right? :P)

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So I sell Usborne Books now

Yep, I sell Usborne Books.* As in, I’m now an independent consultant. Which means I sell through home parties and stuff. I signed up because I love books (haha, understatement) and I want my kids (and other people’s kids) to love books too. Because reading! And learning! And other things!

So, yes, I like talking about books. I like buying books. I like books, full stop.

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GoldieBlox and the Three Axles

For Christmas, my daughters each got a GoldieBlox. These are the coolest toys, you guys (seriously). Basically, it’s a picture book (with a “girly” story), but it comes with a “non-girly” building/engineering component. (I put girly and non-girly in quotation marks because the whole point of this toy is to let girls know that building things is a perfectly fine past-time for girls.)

Hubby and I have never been the “oh you must only play with dolls” type; our daughters have a mix of toys, ranging from their play house to their dress up box to their toy cars to their water guns. Munchkin, my four year old, once used her toy cars as dolls (Lightning McQueen was sick, you see, and had to go see the doctor, which was this random car she’d dug up out of the toy box).

Anyway. When Hubby heard of the GoldieBlox, he sent me the link to the Kickstarter video with the message “WE MUST BUY THIS.” When I saw the video, I replied with, “YES, WE MUST!” (because I may or may not have wanted to play with it myself). (Yep, our messages were in all caps.) (Good thing the Kickstarter was successful and GoldieBlox was already in production.) (Too many brackets.)

There are currently two GoldieBlox stories out — GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine (the original), and GoldieBlox and the Parade Float (the newest one). My kids got one each. And then we spent…well, a while playing with them. (Ha! Understatement. My girls LOVE these.)

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Under the Dome…is almost done


If you’ve been following my recaps of Under the Dome at In Case of Survival, you’ll know that I hate this show with a passion. Snarky passion, to boot. But thank all the gods that the season finale is tomorrow and I can say good riddance to every single resident of Chester’s Mill (because seriously, they’re all idiots).

My recap this week went up late, but it’s here if you want to read it. (Warning: snark.)

Also, I sincerely hope they get better writers for this show’s second season. Because by some miracle of every single deity on the planet, this show managed to get picked up for a second season. (AND YET THEY CANCELLED FIREFLY. There is no justice.)

Maybe this show got so many viewers because it’s like a car accident or a plane crash. You can’t look away even though you know you should.

My season finale recap will go up sometime this week. Watch for it on In Case of Survival.

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The books you can’t put down

Remember last year, when I wrote this review of a really, really good book? Well, I got my super excited hands on an advanced copy of the sequel, so you can imagine how much squeeing went on when I got it on my Kindle.

I started it last week. The first couple of nights, I had to force myself to put the book down, because it was really late and I had to get up early the next morning. (There were many longing glances toward my Kindle on Thursday.) On Friday night, I sat down with Crux again, because it was Friday and I didn’t have to get up early the next morning to get the kids to school.

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