So I sell Usborne Books now

Yep, I sell Usborne Books.* As in, I’m now an independent consultant. Which means I sell through home parties and stuff. I signed up because I love books (haha, understatement) and I want my kids (and other people’s kids) to love books too. Because reading! And learning! And other things!

So, yes, I like talking about books. I like buying books. I like books, full stop.

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The mom advisory system

(If you follow George Takei on Facebook, you’ll have seen this image already.)

The mommy geniuses over at Rants from Mommyland¬†came up with this awesome (and awesomely true) advisory system. You know, as a way of warning our children when they’re about to reach DefCon 4 (and witness the explosion of mommy’s head). I’m just saying.

For an explanation of the different levels (as if you’ll need it, ha), go to the original post here.

Voila, the Mommyland Advisory System:

Mommyland Advisory SystemEnjoy! Have a great weekend!

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A (belated) Valentine for moms

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! I hope you all had a great Valentine’s (or anti-valentine’s) Day. Hubby and I took the kids to the zoo, because isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when you have kids? (Heh.)

Anyway. Last week, my Mommy Connections class created a photo series as a “Valentine for moms.” The point is to let moms know that they’re supported. Because let’s face it — when it comes to judging moms, other moms are the worst. I’ve never really understood why; I’ve always thought moms should support each other, regardless of what decisions we mKe for our children and families. Unfortunately, that’s often not the case and the judgiest of all people always seem to be other mothers.

This photo series wants to make sure that moms feel like they’re not alone. Because raising kids is hard enough as it is; we all need help and support.

So this is for you, moms of the world. Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day, mom to mom.

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So it’s been awhile…

I find that there aren’t enough hours in a day for all the things I want to accomplish. (Actually, this isn’t new. Having kids seems to have accelerated my day to the point that I wake up and five minutes later it’s bedtime again. I swear.)

Anyway. There hasn’t been a lot of new things going on. I signed up as an Usborne Books consultant (more on that later), and I’m back posting as regularly as possible at In Case of Survival (as regularly as I can when I’m focusing on book reviews). Which leads me to…

Book reviews! Yep, book reviews. I’m doing them again, but not here on the blog. I’ll be posting them at In Case of Survival, where they will get many more views. Which will be good for the book (mostly if it’s a good review though, heh). The only time I’ll post a review here is if the book is outside the SF or F genres, since those are what ICoS focuses on. (Aside: ICoS will be shifting focus to become a more general SF/F genre site.)

So, that’s basically it for now. Just wanted to post and say I haven’t hitched a ride to Mars. Yet, anyway. (That rock? That wasn’t me, throwing things at the rover. Honest.)

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