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The alien Santa story

Last week, my daughters asked me to make up a story instead of reading them a book at bedtime. Just for something different, and because we’d just watched the Adam Sandler movie Bedtime Stories. Since I’d already been chasing plot bunnies around (I’m planning on submitting a story to a winter anthology), I agreed. So I wrangled a plot bunny and put a story together for them.

Of course, since it was me telling this tale, I told them a story about an alien who lands on Earth because he was running away from bad aliens and dresses up as Santa to blend in. (He landed on Earth sometime around Christmas. I mean, winter/seasonal anthology, right? :P)

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Looper: Time travel gives me a headache

Last weekend, Hubby and I watched Looper with my parents. (Not in theatres, obviously; we rented it from Redbox, because YAY REDBOX IS IN CANADA!!!!!) Ahem.

Anyway. I’ve wanted to see this movie for some time, because 1) Bruce Willis movie = explosions, 2) yay science fiction movie!, and 3) Joseph Gordon-Levitt (what? I used to watch him in 3rd Rock from the Sun).

After watching the movie, I learned five things:

  1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt still looks yummy (ahem)
  2. Bruce Willis is still full of kick-ass action hero…stuff (whatever it is they make action heroes drink for breakfast)
  3. At some point in the next thirty years Joseph Gordon-Levitt will turn into Bruce Willis
  4. Telekinesis!
  5. Time travel gives  me a headache

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Science fiction movies teach science fictiony lessons

Recently, Hubby and I watched Dredd and Men in Black 3. (I know, I know, those movies were so last year. But hey, we have kids. We’re lucky if we can watch a movie that’s live action.) Because both of these movies are science fiction, I paid close attention because a) I love science fiction, b) they might teach me something useful for when we have flying cars and visiting aliens and shit, and c) I needed blog material (hey, at least I’m being honest, right? :P).

So what did I learn from these movies? Lots of things! (Sadly, they’re mostly useless.)

What I learned from Dredd:

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