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Book review: The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination

Mad-Scientist-Cvr_091312The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination

Editor: John Joseph Adams

Genre: Science Fiction Anthology

Publisher: Tor

Note: This review is being published simultaneously here and on In Case of Survival.


Mad scientists have never had it so tough. In super-hero comics, graphic novels, films, TV series, video games and even works of what may be fiction, they are besieged by those who stand against them, devoid of sympathy for their irrational, megalomaniacal impulses to rule, destroy or otherwise dominate the world as we know it.

Dr. Frankenstein was the first truly mad scientist of the modern era. And where did it get him? Destroyed by his own creation. And Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo, a man ahead of his time as well as out of his head, what did he do to deserve persecution?

Even Lex Luthor, by all counts a genius, has been hindered not once, not twice, but so many times that it has taken hundreds of comic books, a few films and no fewer than ten full seasons of a television series to keep him properly thwarted.

It’s just not fair. So those of us who are so twisted and sick that we love mad scientists have created this guide. Some of the names have been changed to protect the guilty, but you’ll recognize them. But it doesn’t matter. This guide is not for you. It’s for them, the underhanded, over-brained, paranoiacs who so desperately need our help.

What lies behind those unfocused, restless eyes and drooling, wicked grins? Why–and how–do they concoct their nefarious plots? Why are they so set on taking over the world? If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, you’re in luck: Because we are exposing their secrets, aiding and abetting their evil. It all awaits, within.

Watch out, world!

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Book Review: Jabin and the Space Pirates by Beverly Allen

Jabin and the Space PiratesJabin and the Space Pirates

Author: Beverly Allen

Publisher: Taylor Street Books

Genre: YA Science Fiction


In the space colony of New Wales, the pirate attacks are both relentless and merciless.

Having lost both his parents, Jabin has been adopted by his austere and spiteful uncle and aunt who live in the space colony of New Wales which is riven with religious and political rivalry, and prey to the vicious maraudings of pirates whose cruelty and greed are beyond all imagination.

When Jabin volunteers to surrender himself to a pirate raiding party to save a friend, he does so believing that nothing can be worse than his current suffering. 

However, he is soon to discover that things can always get worse when the stakes are high, the rewards are vast and slave labour is there for the taking.

When the King of New Wales is assassinated, the colony threatens to collapse into total anarchy, leaving the pirates free reign to mutilate, kill and profit as they will, but the forces of law and order sent out from Earth are getting ready to fight back, and Jabin could have a vital part to play in the ensuing war if he can only stay alive.

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Science fiction movies teach science fictiony lessons

Recently, Hubby and I watched Dredd and Men in Black 3. (I know, I know, those movies were so last year. But hey, we have kids. We’re lucky if we can watch a movie that’s live action.) Because both of these movies are science fiction, I paid close attention because a) I love science fiction, b) they might teach me something useful for when we have flying cars and visiting aliens and shit, and c) I needed blog material (hey, at least I’m being honest, right? :P).

So what did I learn from these movies? Lots of things! (Sadly, they’re mostly useless.)

What I learned from Dredd:

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